Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 4: Doing the Math

Another lyric that captivated me in the middle of the STOPLESS video yesterday:

"I'm doing the math, counting the cost...Working the sums and coming up lost. Claiming the promise, I’m grinding the crush. I’m strong and I’m stopless and weak and in love."

That's what it feels like, right? The things we're praying for don't make sense mathematically. On paper, it would be entirely reasonable to give up, to get on with the life we have, to settle. And yet God calls us out of this thinking, suggesting that ask, have faith, believe...even when it hurts to do so. That's grinding the crush. It makes us all sorts of contradictory things: strong, stopless, weak, in love... (If they weren't constrained by rhyming, I suspect the Ryanhood guys could add a few more contradictions to that list. I think most of us could.)

So what do we do?

Jesus' experience in Luke 4 inspires me. He felt the crush. But as he beat back the devil's lies with the truth--what the Word of God actually says--Satan relented. That's encouraging. If you have a Bible, you have the same stuff Jesus used to grind out the crush and stay hopeful. Interestingly, it's not like Jesus' life was easy after that; the very next thing to happen was that his hometown rejected him and tried to throw him off a cliff. Not exactly rock star status! But the story didn't end there for Him, and it doesn't for us, either.

Do you have people telling you that what you're praying for will never happen? That's fine. When you hear those things, simply remind yourself what God says in the Bible about your situation. (And if you need help finding that, email me and I'll do my best to help).

Happy day 4 :)


kim said...

Yes, sometimes when I share my desires with people and they give me alternate, watered-down ways God may still come through, it brings up so much. I just try to remember God likes to work the impossible, and it's an opportunity for me to stretch my faith.

Liza said...

So I'm a few days late getting on board with this years 40 Days of Faith, but am so glad you are doing this again. I get so focused when I set my time aside each morning to spend with God. I'm going to catch up on my Bible readings tonight and add my few extra days to the end. Thanks for doing this Trish!

It is hard to keep praying for something and it doesn't happen in my time frame. I just have to remind myself that it's God's plan and not mine.

LarramieG said...

Sharing doesn't necessarily yield support so, until you have a plan and begun seeking what you want, keep that desire/passion to yourself and don't share.

Myowne said...

Beating back the negativity of Satan and even other people is constant in my life. Sometimes I get so tired of fighting against the negativity and the lies but then I realize that in Christ I have all power and the enemy will flee as I hold fast to God's Word. That's all I have and all I want to have because in the end the pressure is taking off me to perform and God is given glory when He does the impossible...

Stella said...

I can't believe how much I'm getting out of everyone's posts ... this is AWESOME!

Yeah, Kim ... I SO get what you're saying. I'm fortunate to have a couple close girlfriends that I can share with that are very supportive ... no matter how looney I may sound--HAHA! And, if I'm way off on something, they'll real me back in without crushing my dreams.

Hey Myowne ... thanks for keeping it real. Your words have really hit home. Thank you!


heiress said...

I've learned that it's especially hard when others know you have been praying for something for a long time and they get impatient. Then the devil uses them to get at you through telling you negative things like, "you should move on" or "take matters in your own hands, you have to make it happen" or my favorite "maybe you should change your plans."

This time I've chosen to keep my deepest desires more private because I've experienced the devil using others as a way of trying to get me to fail and not receive my hearts desire.

kim said...

Hey Stella -- yeah, it's so helpful to have a few close friends be the wind beneath our wings; or in the case of this blog, a whole bunch of wind. Trish, you're brilliant.

kim said...

Oh my, I've never posted 3 comments in one day. But I have to say to heiress, I so understand what you mean.

pam said...

Sometimes people just don't understand your dreams, they may seem impossible to them so they don't know how to support you. When I told my Dad I want to write a novel, he said, "You won't do that. If you were going to you would have already done it by now." Well, he did have a point, because I have been talking about it for a long time, instead of doing it. But oddly enough, his words have just inspired me to keep going, because I do believe no matter what your dream is, if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. With God's help. I think God puts that need and drive within you for a reason.

On a fasting note, thanks for the explanation! I've decided to give up chocolate...which means I also have to steer clear of the fabulously delicious cherry chocolate chip ice cream that I keep nibbling on. My scale will thank me...in 40 days I'd like to be down 10 pounds. :)

Abby Green said...

This is what I love so much about God (among many other things that is), but I love that I can come to Him with a totally crazy idea and not be rejected or shot down. I love that He loves our crazy ideas, and that sometimes the crazier they are, the more likely they are from Him who sees what we can't yet see and knows what the ending of the story will be...or how it will naturally lead right into the next chapter.

Stella said...

Hey Abby ... High 5, low 5 and all points in between! Or, hug ... whichever you prefer. Right on! You've said it all, and quite well too.


blessedsubstance said...

Hello I am back and I am full of negative energy and disappointment right now, but I am going to believe by faith that this is not my destiny!!!!!
Ironically that was my original post but I had the opportunity to lighten the load and I am feeling much better. I have since read the scripture for the day and know that I am not alone, and nothing is new under the sun. Furthermore, if God brings me to it he can bring me through it. WOW God changed my attitude in an instant. I LOVE you LORD!!!!!