Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 30: A New Way to Roll

I spend a good part of my life chasing down little things I think will bring me some sort of satisfaction. This morning, for example, I'm already thinking about the book I ordered from the library: when I'll have time to pick it up, when I'll have time to read it. Little stuff like that can occupy my mind for a bizarre amount of time, sort of like a hamster running on a wheel to get its exercise. The effort isn't necessary, but it feels like it is. It feels like it takes me somewhere, even if that feeling is a total lie.

Which makes me think of this:

What if the fine people at Kia Motors are right? What if there's a new way to roll?

King Solomon describes his experience with the old way in today's chapter. His take is pretty much, "I thought these things would make my life worthwhile. Not so much..."

Reading one commentary on this chapter, I found some wise words on how to apply it to our lives (because I had no idea--I mean, spiritually speaking, how do we get off the wheel to nowhere and into the sporty red car?) One of my favorite speakers suggests that perhaps it's about the peace God gives us in certain things, and letting that guide us as we take inventory of the things we spend our time on:

"Realizing you cannot do everything, then deciding with God's help what you can and cannot do, will make you more effective at the things you are supposed to do and will greatly increase the level of peace in your life. Peace equals power; without it you will stay frustrated and weak. As you evaluate how you are spending your time and what you are doing with your life, use this simple rule: if you have peace about it, keep doing it. If you do not have peace about it, stop. Hearing yourself complain about [something] on a regular basis indicates that you need to make an adjustment."

Interesting to think about. Solomon's point, I think, is that we chase endlessly after the things we think HAVE to do to succeed, to survive, to be satisfied. Mostly, we're wrong, and we don't end up where we think we will. Today, let's give God some room to prune things out of our lives and to adjust our perspective. Let's ask him for the keys to the car He created us to drive, and His map for where to go :)

What's one thing in your life that you have peace about?


Myowne said...

I hate to say this but I don't have peace about a whole lot of things. I think I just have a lot of questions that need answering and my peace is disturbed when there aren't a lot of answers. I guess my answer is, I WANT to have peace and I am seeking after it.

Sarakastic said...

I have peace about God's love for me. I was just thinking this morning that even though I've had some not so great boyfriends, I've always had people to help me through, really an abundance of love from family and friends to ensure that I have a wonderful life.

Abby Green said...

I have peace about trusting in God's timing for things in my life (namely, having kids).

heiress said...

I thought long about this and I was hoping to somehow find the answer. But when I really look at where i'm at in my life right now, I couldn't find anything that I truly have peace about. This is something that I must ask God to help me with...

Stella said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I don't feel very peaceful either. Maybe like Solomon I've looked for peace/contentment in all the WRONG places.

There are things I'm certain of ... like the love of my family and friends, but even in the context of those relationships there are ups and downs. That's normal tho'.

Maybe my definition of peace needs tweeking.


Breeza said...

Sometimes I feel as if I have a lot of peace but lately there's been a lot of my mind about what I'm supposed to be doing work-wise and I'm not getting much peace. I just seem to sense God telling me to wait. But I'm tired of waiting but I guess I do have faith and peace that He is faithful and answers will come in His time (hopefully soon).

Anonymous said...

i have peace in attending worship services and Bible study... i want more of it...as in quit my job and do nothing but. :O) i want peace in several other areas, and i like the idea of letting God prune things out to bring peace. i am not designed to be all things to all people. i am purposed to be God's amazing daughter.

kim said...

I have peace that God is making me a new creation. I'm not really sure what it's all going to look like, but things are changing and life is feeling more rich and satisfying. I also agree with Sarakastic in regard to feeling peace that God loves me.

One more thing, I just added another part to my 40 day fast. I'm choosing to praise God for my life just as it is. This has given me peace.