Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 3: Curious?

I'm flying to Maine today to visit my sister (!!!) a bag of books in tow for the plane.

One of my favorite things about being a reader is that when I feel like I'm failing at something in life (or, to use less melodramatic language, when I'm not as good at something as I'd like to be) I'm not left to wallow in my cluelessness--I can seek out the wisdom of others and try a new approach.

Yesterday, I started a book on prayer. It's author doesn't claim that his suggestions are "the way" to pray. He simply offers a structure folks might not have tried before. He suggests building up to an hour of prayer, in five minute blocks. So you pray about one thing for five minutes, then you move to the next thing. He even has a handy wheel to use as a visual prompt. For me, as I attempt to add some architecture to my free-form prayer style, this is an awesome find. I tried it today and was surprised by how much I enjoyed praying, and how connected to God I felt all day as a result. And it all started because I was curious--I sense that there must be more to prayer than what I was experiencing.

I love this lyric from Ryanhood's STOPLESS: "How pointless is my point of view, until I reach the point of You?" I think that's the heart of what we're looking for here...God's point for each of our lives, the reason He placed these dreams and longings inside us, and His answers for how to pursue them.

We get hints of this in Luke, chapter 3. John the Baptist...kind of a weird dude, but definitely the kind of guy who piques your curiosity as he points to someone beyond himself, someone coming to challenge everything we think we know about life.

As Dorothy Parker wisely said, "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."

What are your spiritual questions? Where are you looking for answers?


Myowne said...

I am curious to find out what God really intended when He made me and continues to allow me to live on this earth. How do I fulfill the deep potential that so clearly exists within? I am seeking this out by attending to God's Word and taking advantage of the opportunities that I believe God wants me to which may get me closer to the place I am supposed to be.

Suzanne said...

I've decided what I am fasting from (and started!) and what I am praying for, now I want use this time as you suggested today, to find a way to draw closer to God and just listen.

I like your suggestion of doing that through a book and prayer. It's been sometime since I've read anything of a spiritual bent. I'm heading to the library today.

Stella said...

Trish: I admire your discipline to target praying for one hour a day.

I too am curious to find out God's intended purpose for my life, and if I'm anywhere close to it or if I totally missed it. Sometimes I wonder (respectfully) what was HE thinking?! And, where it this going?

Not a very original thought I know, but that's the heart of it.


Abby Green said...

I have to agree with what was previously stated, in that I really want to know what God created me for?? Am I living out what He had in mind? Am I listening close enough to know if He if leading me to something else?

Anonymous said...

Trish, I completed my second read through your book this morning after my prayer time. I am sure you hear this quite often, but I so identify with what you have written. I still yearn for a husband and children. I have too often expected God to deliver His best through my plans. This afternoon I met with the guy who has probably been the biggest roadblock for nearly 10 years. I tried to say goodbye. I think it went ok. He heard what he wanted to hear and tried to turn things on me to make me feel guilty, but this time I did not fall. I did not make a strong stand, but I did not fall. I hope I let go. I prayed most of the way home. I want God's best, and I no longer want to get His best confused with my selection. Thank you for giving me the space to let some of this out. All I can do is pray for him and let God do the rest.

heiress said...

I really love the quote by Dorothy Parker. I loved it so much that I typed and put it on my 9yr old's bedroom door.

I too am so very curious about how God is going to answer my prayers. I've been praying for a long time, but this time I truly feel I am closer than I think.

LarramieG said...

As curious as I AM, seeking what God has in store for me has not been one of my questions. There are too many options and free will -- sort of ;) -- that I tend to find the message/lesson in each experience and then follow that path. After all life is a journey so there must be many purposes.