Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 19: All In

Today is Steve and my five-year anniversary. As many of you know, this 40 Days of Faith blog traces back to a season where I prayed and fasted, asking Jesus to send me a husband. I was new to faith then, so when my pastor asked, "What do you want Jesus to do for you?" I went for broke. I hadn't been around long enough to have my hope beaten back by delayed answers (or people who say we should all just give up). And while Jesus didn't bring Steve to my front door within the proscribed time period (wouldn't that be incredible if that was how He worked?) eventually, He came through.

I'm always amazed at how easily I remember the smallest nice thing another person does for me--a compliment, opening a door, help finding my car in a big parking lot--and how quickly I forget God's answers to my prayers. In my life, God is the only relationship where I demand he reestablish His trustworthiness on a daily basis. That's embarrassing (not to mention way off track from what He calls me to) because no one--and no One--has proven their care, concern, and power for me more than God. Jesus said that he came to seek and save that which was lost, and I all but had LOST! tattooed across my forehead. Found, I've discovered, is a lot better, but I have to make a point to remember that :)

Today's passage may sound familiar, as Jesus revisits a theme: to those who have, more will be given. I have some faith for the things I'm praying for right now, but let's be honest: it's more of a mustard seed than a giant oak. But I want to invest that seed today to see how it grows. Like the first servant, I'm going to take a risk and bet everything on God coming through. I'm going "all in" as my friend Dominic would say, acting as if God will come through rather than planning a life where he won't. Today, I won't have a contingency plan.

Anyone want to join me?

(After I wrote this post, I found myself reading Psalm 105 and 106, realizing that they're great blueprints for remembering all God has done for us. I wonder how much each of our faiths might be strengthened by writing our own version of these prayers, laying out the myriad ways God has come through in our lives? If you like projects, this is a great one--and something you can look back on for years to come. Let me know how it goes!)


kim said...

trish - i love this idea of being 'all in' and not having a contingency plan. just this morning i said to God, i do have a mustard seed of faith. i'm with you -- i'm going to invest it all and watch what God does with it. the other thing i got this morning was to delight in him. so i just finished writing some of the ways God has come through in my life -- thanks for the exercise.

Sarakastic said...

I'm all in & Happy Anniversary!

kim said...


Stella said...

Well, Trish ... I guess I'm in good company ... I realized that I also require God to re-establish his trustworthiness--YIKES! That was a revelation to me ... I wonder what else I've overlooked? Guess I'll have to ask Him and see what He says ... kind of a scary thought!

I think not having a contingency plan sounds equally scary and will take some serious practice on my part ... its just so much a part of my nature that I'm not even sure what that's supposed to look like--HA! Kinda' like skydiving without a parachute--GULP!

Happy Anniversary! You're my "God Saved My Love Life" heroine ... hope you and Steve have an awesome celebration!

heiress said...

Trish, I wish you and Steve a Happy and Blessed Anniversary!

A long while ago I learned to start asking God for the little things (like a parking space when I go downtown) and I kid you not everytime I would ask He would answer. So I've learned to tune into and pay close attention to my seemingly small requests so that I am reminded that He is here with me, and He does hear me. This helps me during those moments of despair when I'm longing to see the answers to my so called larger prayers. I remind myself that nothing is impossible for GOD!

Liza said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Steve! Your book gave me hope when I had lost it. Thank you for your ministry each day. I'm all in and keep reminding myself daily that I want to live God's plan not mine.

Anonymous said...

I am believing God for my husband as well as others. And I agree with what Stella said, if God wanted us to be single, He would have not given us the desire to be wives (don't think God is into teasing us w/our desires). So I am "all in" believing that God has a plan for me to get married and I am not going to have a contingency plan (i.e., maybe He wants me to be single).

God has always come through in other areas of my life - numerous job promotions, healing me from sicknesses, giving me two good children who are healthy and happy despite all that we have been through, always providing for me and my kids as a single mom (having my first child at 17), healing me from a heartbreaking divorce. I could go on and on about the goodness of God in my life. It is good to remind myself of all that God has done throughout my life. With all that He has done, "is bringing me my husband really to big for Him?" The answer is no - nothing is too big for Him. So I'm all in! Be encouraged those who are waiting on husbands. I know it seems like it is taking forever. But God never goes back on His promise. I am praying for everyone.

Trish Ryan said...

Hi all, so sorry for the lack of posts this weekend-I'm travelling, and my phone isn't playing nice with blogger's posting page. I'll be back tommorrow! -T