Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 9: Celebrating!?

I just got an email from my friends Paul & Pascha labeled "Wahoo! Lookie what came this AM!" Inside was a picture of my new book, fresh out of the box. I was thrilled, teary-eyed...and a little torn.

I've been reading Lamentations--a sad section of the Old Testament, written by a man overlooking his desolate, ruined city. And with it, I've been reading books about mourning, and the death of people we love, and the death of dreams we've invested in. (Nothing but sunshine & flowers here!)

Before you start to worry, let me assure you that it's been helpful--and strangely encouraging--to have this time to think in a focused way about life and death and hope and, well...dashed hopes. And to ask God, "Where are you in the middle of this?" Because at the end of the day, I don't want other peoples' answers. I want to hear from God, so I can "get it" in a way that feels real, and deeper than seeing Footprints in the Sand written on a plaque somewhere.

And so in the middle of this angsty time of questions, the first real copy of A MAZE OF GRACE arrives at my friends' house! It's time to celebrate.

Confession: I'm not so great with transitions like this. And yet the Bible is pretty clear about the importance of stopping wherever we are to give God props when amazing things happen. And to hit this point home, the Bible defines "amazing" with everyday miracles like sunrise, breath, laughter, enjoying our work...On those terms, it would be downright obnoxious of me not to stop my mourning, crank up Kool & The Gang, and do a pajama-clad happy dance around the block like Princess Giselle from Enchanted (although I'll need either white shoes or flowey-er sleepwear...)

So today, I'm working on making this transition. I'm celebrating, trusting that the questions (and the answers) will still be there for me to explore when the party dies down. I'm learning that part of the benefits package of loving God is the ability to celebrate answered prayers in the midst of sadness, and to enjoy the joy.

Because really, NO ONE benefits from a grumpy Giselle... :)

How are you at showing up for the party in the midst of whatever else is going on? What can you celebrate today?


kim said...

Yeah, I think a sign of a good friend is being able to laugh and cry, and sometimes at the same time! I also got an email this morning that my copy is being shipped today!! Woo-hoo, Trish!!!!!!!

Sarakastic said...

I am going to engrave this on a plaque

"Because really, NO ONE benefits from a grumpy Giselle."

Trish Ryan said...

Sarakastic...will you make me a plaque, too? Because I spit out my drink when I read your comment :)

larramiefg said...

I'm celebrating today by taking a GIANT leap that's been put off far too long. And no matter where I land I'll feel successful for having finally taken action.

Holly said...

I tend to be the opposite: Capable of distrusting even the sunniest days. So I've been praying a lot lately that I'll be able to enjoy myself -- to enjoy myself in any given moment or activity, and to enjoy MYSELF, as I am. Because I agree that the ability to celebrate is important!

And larramiefg, I'm excited about your leap! Let us know how it goes?

KimberlyH said...

I just got an email too that my copy shipped! I'm excited to read it!

My life lately has been quite subdue and serious, with weighty topics and deep thinking. Having a few interjections of lightheartedness - celebrating, having a laugh with a friend or at a TV show - is a welcome respite. At first it seems counter intuitive to me that the lightheartedness doesn't detract from the weighty thoughtfulness. But instead these breaks often feel very emotionally healthy.
Although, I agree that sometimes it can feel very disjointed to jump from one to the other.