Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 23/24: After Night...Sun

Thanks for your patience yesterday. Whatever "pearls of wisdom" might have sounded passable in the midst of the fun hecticness would have no doubt proven entirely embarrassing come morning. So I appreciated not having to redact an entire post :)

The launch party last night was astounding, all for reasons having nothing to do with me. My friends in the band Ryanhood flew into Cambridge to play (their most recent CD was the soundtrack for my writing process of the new book), and their songs inspired me all over again. Here's why: they're all about fighting to do the work you're created to do, and not giving up...and somehow involving God in that process so you don't get crushed under the burden of how things would/should/could be "if only..." I was having Oprah-worthy "a-ha" moments, right there on the stage for everyone to see. But that's so much better than not having them at all!

To end the evening, I asked them to play one of their newer songs. It's not on the CD, and they told the story of how writing it actually celebrated the end of the long, hard process of recording; how it's a song of celebration, reminding them (and us) that it's never night forever. Here's the video--check it out:

Today's plan:
Let's take their advice, even if we can't yet see the light. Sing, for your light has come. After night, came sun...

(And yes, I mean that literally. Sign along with Ryanhood, the radio, or grab a friend for a few rounds of "row, row, row your boat..." You'll be surprised how much it helps!)


larramiefg said...

I smile every time I hear this band. And could they possibly have a better name... for YOU?!

kim said...

That was so awesome last night, Trish. You were radiating! :)