Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 6: Conversations with God

It's Sunday, which seems like a good day to change up our prayer approach, and try conversing with God. Let's go for dialogue, rather than monologue.

My friend Dave does this often. He takes long walks to chat with God, and he usually starts out with something simple, like: "Hi God, how are you?" (he's happy to report that God is usually doing quite well). This seems as good a place to begin as any.

After the small talk, listen. Give God some room to speak. Not just for three or four minutes, as I tried this morning. But for the whole day. Let's try to stay "tuned in" to the God channel and see what happens.

And if you hear something? Hold it lightly. Use it as a starting point for future prayers. As someone told me recently, hearing from God is the easy part; it's interpreting what God means that's complicated. Acknowledging this tension, let's tune in.

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KimberlyH said...

I tried chatting with God tonight on my drive home from work. It was pretty cool. I felt like I heard from Him.
I told God about a few concerns I had and heard some reassuring things that seemed like from Him - sort of along the lines of 'I'm always with you'. Not necessarily very specific, but definitely reassuring to me.