Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 26/27: Finding the right mix

It's Wimbledon time (yay summer!) and I'm watching this morning, caught in a mix of thoughts about strange fashion choices and the elusive blend of skill, determination, and luck it takes to hone your talent to "play" at the top levels, whatever that looks like in different settings of life.

I think I've blogged about this before, how captivated I am by the ups and downs of the world's top tennis players. Most are still in their 20s, but because they start so young, by the time they retire they've had--the ones who make it, anyway--something that can honestly be called a career. They've each had major setbacks--injuries, weird losses that sapped their confidence for months thereafter, coaching changes and/or personal drama that pulls focus. And yet somewhere inside, they pull something from deep inside to fight their way back into the game, back into the top.

What is that something?

This is worth asking, as we pray for the deepest desires of our heart. I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all answer to this, but maybe part of succeeding in our lives (and by succeeding, I mean really being the person God created us to be, in all the fullness of our unique set of talents and capacities) is paying attention to balance of three factors: How much is MOTIVATION? How much is PERSPIRATION (effort)? And how much is INSPIRATION, that incalculable, unpredictable extra that comes from God that we don't understand or control?

Right now, I'm watching a very fit Serena Williams annihilate her opponent. In years gone by, I've seen a flabby Serena struggle in frustrating games, an injured Serena play like a shell of herself, and a distracted Serena play unpredictably, her head clearly not in the game. Yet somehow after all those ups & downs, she's there today in top shape mentally and physically, doing her job (which is winning tennis tournaments, not just playing tennis). I love the idea that we can bounce back like that, don't you?

This weekend, as we talk to God about our dreams and how we hope to use our talents, let's ask for His help in achieving the best balance for our individual lives. Motivation. Perspiration. Inspiration. Only He knows the mix we'll need, and what that should look like today. So let's ask for the "recipe" for (as Oprah might say) our best life now.

Here's to a great weekend!


Sarakastic said...

"I mean really being the person God created us to be," that statement was an aha moment for me

larramiefg said...

Being the best you can be takes a lifetime of graciously accepting daily challenges.

Kristi E. said...

What brilliant synchronicity for this topic! In the past I have struggled mightily with "perspiration", which I define for myself as stick-to-it-ive-ness. Committing to showing up for life's many events and obligations has been a struggle for my very spontaneous self over time. Perspiration is central in my growth at the moment, doing, as I've heard it said, "the next right thing."

I think the three factors you mention can vary in centrality at different points in our lives. I'm focusing on that balance, but aware that showing up is pretty darn important in my life at this particular moment. (She said, having just finished an online chemistry exam--phew!) :)