Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 36: Welcome to the 3rd Grade

It's the final week of our 40 Days of Faith, and I feel like I owe you guys an apology. Nothing dire. But if each of our annual June/July faith adventures is a snapshot of where each of us is (are?) in a particular summer season, this year's picture is a rather relaxed (read: uninspiring, sloth-like) one for me, your heretofore intrepid leader. Where in past years, I've found inspiration in music lyrics, book quotes, and going through whole chunks of the Bible together, wrestling with what God means by tough passages and finding comfort in the ones that seem to offer hope... this year has been different.

As I told some friends last night, I feel like I'm operating at about a third grade level of emotional/spiritual perspective: there's not much point in looking too far down the road, because I want summer and all the fun and relaxation that goes with it to last as long as possible. I've had enough of deep thinking/learning/striving for awhile, and I feel like if I spend one more second worrying about my report card, my head might explode. I need some time to chill out. The result of this is that you've gotten third grade blog posts. We've talked about taking our boats out of the water, and worked some imagery about floating vs. sinking. I've thrown up random videos by Simon & Garfunkel (well, actually I posted them. I did not throw them up...) All in all I've kept us floating in some pretty shallow water.

But even there, I've found gems along the way.

For example, we could work the Simon & Garfunkel a bit more if pressed...my friend Dave once pointed out that part of why Paul Simon had a career on his own after S&G was that he didn't wander into his middle age playing nostalgia events, trading on who he used to be. Instead, he took some time and wandered off to Africa, experienced something entirely different, and allowed himself and his music to evolve. Intriguing, right?

In some clumsy way, I guess that's what I'm trying to do, too: experience my life in a different way, and look at my circumstances--both the limitations and the opportunities--through a new lens. I'm looking for a view that's less forced-optimism & relentless drive, more enjoy the small moments and see what it all adds up to.

And I flag this here because I want to say that if this isn't the season you're in...if you're gearing up to really GO AFTER big dreams, then that's awesome, too. Our lives can look different, and we can cheer each other on even as we veer in different directions. And if you're in a season of needing a little more "be" and a little less "do" too...let me know. I'll move over a bit and make room for you on the beach blanket. Grab a novel, put on some sunscreen, and let's see what little enjoyments today brings.

Thanks for reading :)


Sarakastic said...

I think that this has been the year that I've related to the best so sign me up for 3rd grade

larramiefg said...

To be honest -- as opposed to being kind -- I've REALLY enjoyed this summer's journey of faith. You've written about daily life and reflected on dealing with the present by applying common sense faith practices.

In other words, everyone was able to relate.

Rachaelita said...

I'm so glad you offered that beach blanket, because I sure do need a rest. Is there a way to go after big dreams and still be at rest at the same time? I've been reflecting that receiving God's grace and gifts often times seems to have this restful, light spirit to it that you are talking about,so I think you are on to something.
Funny, I had been "ashamed" to come on here b/c I had "dropped out" for a while due to being on vacation for the last 3 weeks! Like it was something I had to hide...lol!

Jane said...

I had a day on the beach on Saturday, lying next to the sea and listening to the waves go back and forth. Then a day at the park on Monday, doing nothing by lying on the grass and listening to the sounds around me. And today, it took everything to put one foot in front of the other and show up for work! The time has come to truly allow God to take the lead in the dance of life. I'm done being in the driving seat!! I sense the time has come to reassess what's important to me.......

KimberlyH said...

...less forced-optimism & relentless drive, more enjoy the small moments and see what it all adds up to...
...in a season of needing a little more "be" and a little less "do"

This definitely resonates with me this season!