Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tug of War

Check out these wise words from author Kristin Armstrong about watching her daughters compete (fiercely, with total commitment and determination) in a tug of war competition at their school field day:

"We can learn a lot from watching children play and compete. They have no inhibitions about what they look like when they try hard; they lay it all on the line without fear. They don't really know their limits so they have no awareness or anxiety about approaching them. If they know someone believes they can do it, they are certain they can. Watching them work together towards a common goal reminds me of everything that is pure and good and redemptive about humankind....

When was the last time you gave something special your 'all'? When did you pull so hard for a dream that you got red-faced and your hands hurt from your simple and adamant refusal to let go? When did your effort simultaneously exhaust and invigorate you? For what (or whom) are you willing to dig in your heels, get rope burns on your palms, and slide across the dirt on your behind? When did you last pursue something with the optimistic abandon of a child?

Great questions, huh? Something to think about this week, as we head into Monday. I hadn't thought about prayer in terms of tug-of-war before, but I think it's an apt image: we grab hold of the rope, knowing that our doubts will try to drag us down. But we pull anyway. We don't give up. Here's to digging in our heels :)

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